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IMS Gateway - ECS Fin’s Enterprise Message Hub
IMS Gateway is a proprietary designed data capture and distribution system that addresses the entire range of external and internal message management applications of an enterprise. It facilitates exchange of data (message, file, document) while allowing secure access for visibility and control. More than just a translator, it offers value added services and takes accountability of enterprise data. It supersedes a typical Enterprise Message Hub (EMH), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Application Integration Service, Data Governance and Information Reporting.
IMS Payments - ECS Fin’s Enterprise Payment Hub
IMS Payments is a well-organized transaction processing system that can manage and control the entire range of payments, messaging and connectivity in any highly dynamic banking and finance operations environment. It isn’t just a Payment Platform. Or, another reincarnation of it. It is a proprietary design-architecture based Payment Hub – one of its kind.
IMS Securities - ECS Fin's Post Trade Processing Hub
Post-trade processing of securities moves into a comprehensive service with ECS Fin’s Securities Hub. It addresses all activities including Trade Confirmation to Settlement, Fund Transfer, Statement Reconciliation and Reporting. Defragment your post-trade processing environment, minimize breaks, introduce accountability and address perfectly the needs of departments, customers and counterparties.
MS Data Governance from ECS Fin
  ECS Fin on Data Governance mode operates as a custodian of enterprise data. Taking accountability for all data captured and transmitted, IMS organizes and stores the data for easy view, retrieval, summarizing, and reporting. The data covers messages, acknowledgements, documents, notes, reference data and all related elements. IMS imports historical data including those from SWIFT Archives covering older versions of SAA. It links data elements by underlying transaction or event for audit trail. The data is searchable online with advanced search, using a standard browser. The datastore complies to industry standard protocols for role based secured access and entitlements.  
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