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RFID based jewellery & diamond inventory automation

While RFID is being used widely as an effective tool in many industries, one industry where it has immediate and direct benefits is the Jewellery sector. Nowadays, many renowned jewellery retailers have turned to automated inventory systems that integrate RFID technology to conduct faster and more frequent inventory counts. In the diamond and jewelry industry, it is particularly essential to maintain an accurate and reliable stock. Traditionally, most jewelers track inventory on a daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling each jewelry item separately, which is time-consuming and error prone. Blue Floras recognized for effective implementation of RFID based jewellery inventory Saudi Arabia and UAE introduces complete solution including tags, readers, and software designed for monitoring gems and jewelry that automate the inventory process, reducing the amount of time required to take inventory, eliminating shrinkage and freeing up salespeople to help customers. Daily problems for Jewelry & Diamond Business Owners
  • Stock Audit is Manual and Time Consuming Process
  • Sales Staff used for Stock count
  • Loss of Precious Jewelry
  • Loss in Sales at exhibitions due to pending orders
A RFID based Jewelry Management Solution
  • Automated Stock Check
  • Count 1000 Items in under 2 minutes
  • Find/Locate Missing Items
  • Generate Sales Quotation in few seconds
  • Issue and Track items for Salesman
  • Product Catalogue
  • Reports & ERP Integration*