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GoTrack: The safety sheath. Redefined in real time
Real time and continuous monitoring throughout the school transportation
    • GoTrack solution captures the location information of students inside  school buses using custom made active tags that communicate with receivers inside the  school buses.
          • The tags talk to the receivers very frequently making the system continuous and real time.
              • Meaningful alerts and notifications are generated from the accumulated data and is present to admin through web dashboard and parents through a parent mobile app
            Dynamic and real time tracking of school buses
            • Blue Floras offers the most effective and reliable beacon based solution provider  Saudi Arabia and UAEGoTrack solution makes use of advanced and precise GPS for realtime location tracking of school buses. Admin and parents can view the location and receive notification based via web admin dashboard and parent mobile app.Combined with Tag, the solution ensures the child has boarded the bus and reached destination safe. The solution provides realtime security alerts and attendance automation.
              • Why GoTrack?
                • Effortless Tracking: Custom tags for student and teachers for effortless tracking
                  • Real time Dashboard: Web and mobile based real time dashboard for school administrators
                    • Parent Mobile App: Easy to use and reliable mobile app for parents to view the whereabouts of their children
                      • Context aware alerts: Context aware real time alerts to make you aware of any emergency
                        • Customer Support: 24 X 7 emergency contact services from Blue Floras
                          • Rich real time dashboard: Context aware and real time dashboard provides you the information about students and their whereabouts
                            • Location History: Get the student location history through dashboard
                              • Manage your bus online: Monitor the speed of all the buses that are running.
                                  All in one parent app
                                      • Real time location: View the location of buses in realtime
                                      • Student Timeline: View your ward's whereabouts as a timeline
                                  Dashboard Features
                                  • Alerts:Admin can view all the high, medium and low alerts in the dashboard with an option to suppress or escalate the alerts.
                                    • Reports:Meaningful analytical reports for student info, alerts, school bus speed, receiver status etc can be viewed on dashboard.
                                      • Bus Location: Location of all buses in the fleet can be tracked from the dashboard using GPS.
                                        • Notifications: Custom push notifications can be sent from the dashboard to parents mobile app.